How to animate with tools out of the hand?

The title says it all lol. I know how to animate with swords and animating in general, but I have never animated something lets say like throwing a sword in the air and coming back to the player. I’ve seen this done before in games. Any help will be appreciated thanks!

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@Headstackk made a really impressive guide on this, I highly suggest checking it out, here’s the link to his post.


That checked it out and ran into a really weird problem of the motor6D not getting replicated when I write it in a script lol. There are no errors in the output.

This is genuinely weird lol it’s printing that it’s there, but it’s not actually there.
snip 2

I don’t think m6d’s show in game as they’re more of an attachment related thing, just continue scripting and it should work.

the solution apparently was to put a wait() before parenting for the motor6D to load(something i would never think of) When things get advanced like this sometimes hours of testing won’t yield results lol(I spent fruitless hours on this and still didn’t get results).