How to become a professional Builder?

Hello, I’m Tal. I am currently a Graphic Artist since 2017 and Mini Scripter since December 2019.

Though I have been working in the Graphic Art industry for years and the Scripting industry for almost a year, I would like to try something new. I was looking at UI Designs, but I feel it’d be too hard, so I figured, “Hey, why don’t I experiment with Building?”

If any of you professional Builders could let me know some tips, tricks and tuts, I’d appreciate it.

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This has been talked about before there’s a few excellent topics which leaves a lot of tips and information about becoming a better builder or something related to striving to be a professional builder.

Striving to become a advanced builder - professional builder it basically just takes practice as that’s the way you’ll learn overtime, I’ll try focusing on something your most interested in or enjoy making. A lot of builders normally strive into different styles when creating builds always gather a few images of the things your wanting to build of from, as it’ll help you get those important details when attempting to create things out of them.

Experiment with different styles and tools. Try to use inspiration from things related to things you enjoy doing, experienced builders normally strive into using plugins to create things more quickly or easier find things that work best to you. I’ll try viewing existing threads; since it may be something that’ll help you with becoming a better builder consider taking notes and use that when needed. See thread here:


The #1 thing I would do: Use your resources! There’s just so many wonderful resources out there for building, especially on YouTube and the Devforum. Personally, for me, building was the easiest to master, but of course, that’s not the case for all. Some great building plugins I recommend are F3X building tools, GapFill, and 3D Text Generator.

For me, I watched other people build first. Whether it be YouTube speed builds, live streams, or just pictures of great builds.

Then, I used the inspiration from there to create my own project.

After you build up your skill level, and if you are comfortable, you can start taking commissions. From my experience, if your portfolio is good, and your skills are good themselves, people will naturally come to you. As you start taking more commissions, you will become more known naturally. You may get opportunities to work with successful designers or game developers. The possibilities are endless.


Thank you so much! I’ll check out the link.

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Wow! Thanks. I appreciate the help.

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Tips to make building easy

• Change the Move and Scaling (At the second tab) lower to be able to move/scale it easily
• Use a very useful plugin. Plugins like F3X, GapFill, etc (Sorry don’t remember much lol, hadn’t been in touch with studio)
• Groups your builds that contains many parts (Even not many parts, it would be easy)
• If you want to make a very small detailed build, start at a bigger scale and design it then scale it back to small how it should be.
• If you want a transparent part (Not invisible but can be seen), lower the Transparency to 0.1 to 0.99 (If 1+, It’s invisible)
• Always remember to anchor everything that shouldn’t be able to be pushed or fall.
• To add textures on parts, right click on part and add Decals/Textures (Forgot what it’s called) and click a side of a part, then go to property tab and click on TextureID/DecalID and select the file. You can scale the texture/decal at property (Sorry forgot what it’s called but you might find it)

These are not all, I just don’t remember much when I am not in Roblox Studio for so long.


Great tips! I’ll definitely use them.

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Alright! Practice more often, and you’ll get better and better! Never give up or be afraid of doing anything