How to cframe unfold?

So I got this skorpion gun, and the stock I want to unfold on an equip. how do I make this happen? I have 0 clue how to do cframe.



If you don’t understand CFrame yet then I’d recommend looking into it, these two resources can help:

Once you’ve revised those resources then you should have an alright understanding on how to do this.
Now hoping that the lookVector is the way the stock is packed, then you can add a CFrame.Angles of around 180 degrees on the Z axis. This should flip it upside down:

Stock.CFrame = Stock.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,0, math.rad(180))

Make sure to convert to radians!
Note: This is instantaneous, you may need to use TweenService and tween the CFrame for smooth movement/use Lerp

Alternatively, you can just add to the Stock’s Orientation if you do not understand CFrame.


If the stock is a separate part from the rest of the body you could use a tutorial like this. Simple Google search for something similar. If they are all one mesh then you can’t do anything about it, unless you own the mesh file and can separate it.

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This is a tool, and the tools welds all the parts together, how do I make it work with that, its seeming not to be doing that.

It’s actually just a lot easier to follow this resource:

You can animate the weapon, using only animations!

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Yes! Using animations for a detachable magazine is definitely the most efficient way.
Without a doubt, I strongly don’t recommend using CFrame to perform such actions. This is a really legacy way to do reload animation back in few years ago.

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