How to change maps on gui

doesnt the game like arsenal delete the map but it’s stored somewhere in the files and can be restored?

Probably yes, but in this case that can’t be implemented, because we’re not teleporting every player to a certain place like a vote/round system

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If what you’re trying to do is allow the vip server owner be able to change the map, you might be able to use a RemoteEvent.

When the owner clicks the button, fire the RemoteEvent.

On the server, detect when it is fired, ensure that the vip owner did it, and then do the code where it changes the map.

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not a vip server commands a gui that pops out and on button click it changed the map for the client

uh if this helps explain do you know that game beat up simulator it was very popular a while back?

would it be easier if i made it a 1 player server instead?

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