How to code camera shaker

I am wondering how I can script a camera shaker. If you are looking for a reference, please visit Club Tesla (revamped) under their group. Make sure to go to revamped version, as it is not in the original. I want to code it into a drink, so when the player drinks the drink the camera shaker enables. An option to change the intensity would be ideal. Note: The drink would be a tool in the player’s backpack. I want the camera shaker to only enable for the player who drank the drink, so it doesn’t enable for every player unless they drink the drink. Confusing, I know lol. Please reply if you need more information, or if you can help with this! Thank you.
Also I want to make clear that this will be similar to Roblox’s potions, and stuff which are found in games like robloxian high school, etc. This would be like that just with a different effect.

Sorry I have no idea what type of camera shake you want, not everyone has played club tesla a gif would be helpful.

But I do now there is a really cool camera shaking resource you should check out which uses perlin noises and CFrames I believe to shake the camera go check it out maybe you can modify it to what you want.

A gif wont be a good representation, would need to be a video. It just shakes your camera a bit…

Try checking out the module @dthecoolest has suggested - as for the shaking to music, try increasing intensity of shaking using the following property:

You would need to do some math in order to shake the camera while taking this into account.