How to conserve momentum when jumping/falling off moving objects?

As we all know in real life, if we ignore air friction (Inside a bus/train) and you jump on a moving object your momentum will get preserved so you will land on the same spot you jumped on, meaning that if you run and jump you will be able to land on a spot much further ahead.
Unfortuantly that doesn’t happen by default in Roblox, the moment you jump off a moving object your velocity gets killed and it acts as if you jumped off a stationary object.

I want to mimic the same in-real-life effect in Roblox but I am not so sure what to use to apply forces on the player without ruining their input feel.

This sort of post has already been created, make sure you do more research before creating a new topic! :relaxed: Your answer can be found, here:

I very much do my research before posting. While what you sent is very helpful, it is not what I am looking for as that only works on objects under perfect conditions (Tweened instances, constant velocity instances), it is very buggy with unpredictable movements.
I am looking for an overall solution same way you don’t just slide off moving objects because Roblox already integrated that in their engine for us.