How to control throw a player

no that doesnt guarantee because there is welds so you will break them by making this

the HRP is connected to all parts :sob:

Yes, the HRP is connected to all parts, but each part has it’s own velocity parameter. You apply it on the HRP, it only applies on the HRP.

okay sir ill not argue eith u :sob:

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If you apply velocity only on the HRP, there will be a difference in velocity/position between all the parts of the character and the HRP, which puts the welds to work, applying velocity on every part of the character will be the best and most stable option as there will be no difference in velocity on every part of the body and let’s the welds “rest”

no dude that doesnt work like that :sob: the welds will continue working you will cause lag for them, also when you change the position of the other part you will break the welds

I don’t understand how that would be, if anything, you would have a better chance of breaking the welds by only applying velocity on the HRP.

that doesnt work like that :sob:

do you really think that when you apply force to all of them they will all go in the same direction?

okay sir i dont want to continue arguing with you, you can have your welds take some rest :sob:

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Forces and velocities are different things. Force is Mass * Acceleration, Velocity is the change in position divided by the change in time. If you apply an equal velocity change on all the parts, and there is no other external force, the parts will all go in the same direction.

you can try that in studio and see that wont work

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You’re right, I was assuming weld’s would still treat the two parts as two seperate rigidbodies but instead they treat them as one, each sharing a single velocity and angular velocity parameter.

ok soo i tried following the video but it wont actually move the humanoidRootPart. however, its works fine on a normal part. it just wont move a rig/ player.

Even though body velocity is deprecated just use it as its what the strongest battlegrounds uses and all other good fighting games. Linear velocity currently doesn’t work as good as body velocity for some reason. Heres some example code:

local bodyVelocity ="BodyVelocity")
bodyVelocity.P = math.huge
bodyVelocity.MaxForce =, math.huge, math.huge)
bodyVelocity.Velocity = (((enemyRootPart.Position - attackRootPart.Position).Unit *, 0, 1)) * knockbackForce) +, how much upwards force, ex: 15, 0)
bodyVelocity.Parent = enemyRootPart
Debris:AddItem(bodyVelocity, .2)
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Exactly. AssemblyLinearVelocity and LinearVelocity works great for these kind of things, whether it comes to projectiles, making things get thrown in an ‘arc’ form, and so much more.