How to convert number to integer?

Try using a LocalScript. Scripts run on the server, and the server has no knowledge of a player’s screen size info. The absolute size of a gui element will, of course, depend on the resolution it is displayed on.

But I printed out the variable and it said 1050, so it does know the absolute size of the gui element.

Just try using a local script, ok? Scripts shouldn’t even belong in gui in the first place.

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Tried it and still doesn’t work. I know scripts don’t belong in gui with FE, but my game doesn’t have FE

I’ve got some other things I’d like you to try:

  1. Print AbsY. Is it the value you expect?
  2. Remove the if-statement. Does the size get updated appropriately? (You could try doing print (AbsX, AbsX*1.78, AbsY) right before the if-statement for a good diagnosis)
  3. Could you try adding a small wait() at the beginning of the script? I have a feeling that the absolute size isn’t updated immediately the moment the gui is cloned to the player.

You are right, it wasn’t updated until after the gui is already cloned to the player.

If @XAXA’s answer fixed your problem, mark it as the solution :slight_smile:

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