How to create an IP ban system?

Hello! I would like to know how to add an IP ban system to one of your games. Could you use HttpService for it? If IP banning is not possible, then there will never be a way to stop exploiters…


Due to roblox limitations, you are unable to IP ban. Only roblox can.

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Making any sort of IP Banning within a roblox game is prohibited, it’s against the TOS and can get your account Deleted

You probably could by using but if you do find out a way to IP ban, you would indefinitely get banned yourself. As exploiters could use some very advanced hacks to get little kid’s IP addresses.

So you’re saying although it is NOT allowed it is still POSSIBLE to log the player’s IP?


No, that’s theft of private information

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It might be possible with some sort of glitch application, but I am not sure. But it is against the law, I think

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Here, look at this: game:GetHostLocation() That is where I got the link and stuff.

It’s not possible. The IP you receive when using HttpService is the IP address of the game server. There’s no way to ban players by IP address. However, this is ineffective, as using a VPN, proxy, or simply switching to mobile data are simple workarounds.

All you can do is ban a player by using their UserId. Exploiters should not, however, be able to do anything to damage your game if you’ve set it up correctly. Private data should not be accessible by the client, and should be passed to the client using Remotes.


Oh, okay. I won’t do it then. I’ll just add an age script.

Just add a script that detects accounts that have been on the platform for at least month

Getting peoples IP addresses within roblox is not possible anymore. It was possible years ago and was patched immediately. Although there is LocalizationService:GetCountryRegionForPlayerAsync where you can get peoples regions.

It is not against the TOS and it is not prohibited since it is not possible. It would be hypocritical if they put rules against it because you can get players Region by analyzing their v4 address region.

You’re alienating a ton of users and getting nothing done. I don’t know where this idea that exploiters make new accounts on the fly came from. They already likely have a bunch of alts probably older than a year in almost every case.

Just design your game better.

Adding onto this, exploiting-related sites often have account dumps of stolen accounts. This means some exploiters may even have access to accounts from pre-2010. An AccountAge check just hurts legitimate players.

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no but I would really, really, REALLY love it if roblox added it there’s some user that keeps making accounts to hack and insert bad things into my game -_-

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This is exactly the reason why we don’t need it. If an user is “inserting bad things” into your game, you have a severe vulnerability, and the solution is not IP banning!

If you then rely on just banning people instead of fixing the real issue you only make the problem worse.

That’s the thing, there is no other scripts in the game the only ones are hand made and there are no backdoors and I even made an anti cheat but they still manage to do it :confused:

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Roblox disallows IP-banning on Roblox, there is no way around this limitation. They set this in place to avoid abusers IP grabbing. Apologies!

With that being said, have a great day. Good luck with your game!

If the severity of it is people inserting assets into your game, then there is without a doubt some kind of vulnerability in your game. Maybe you’re not aware of it, but it’s there.

It’s simply not possible to get around the restrictions that FilteringEnabled does put in place using just the client.

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