How to create momentum for platforming


How would I maintain momentum from previous jumps to make the movement feel more fluid?

what i have now:

example of momentum:

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In your video, when the character jumps, the vertical velocity of the character is the only thing that changes. Your forward velocity stays the same.

The other example you provided increases its forward velocity right before the jump and keeps it the same after landing. So in this case, both the forward velocity and vertical velocity change throughout the jump.

  1. The example you have shown I believe uses EgoMooses platformer character controller as the long jump trail looks very similar for that you can just look there for clues or just use it.

  2. For what you have now is it using the default Humanoid Controller? If so you can manipulate the movevector magnitude from 0-1 to control the walk speed and perhaps maintain it during jumping to maintain momentum like in this post.

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