How to create the smoothest projectiles possible?

This is my first time posting here, so I’m not sure if I’ve done it right, but I’m happy to try.
I’m trying to make a game, a gun-game. I’ve seen many of these on Roblox, and I know enough to make something work, but I want to know how I’d go about creating a gun-game that flows perfectly, on the client and server. Take Arsenal, for example; The game has all sorts of projectiles, none of which seem to lag behind. Perfect bullet tracers and physics based things like the arrows from bows, dropping due to gravity. The game manages to have almost over a hundred of these effects at a time, with almost no lag anywhere. Essentially, I just want to know how to create such flawless visuals and mechanics, putting the least amount of strain on the server. How would I go about doing it? (I already know of raytracing, but I’d also like to know what makes the visual tracers work and such)


You might want to check this out:

I use it when I make projectiles

For the arrow part plugin your givens into a kinematic equation, You can change the position based on Your acceleration, Irl the acceleration would be the gravitation acceleration.