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Hello, Roblox Community

My name is Snowflake and I am a Roblox developer, communicator, designer and content creator. As a developer, I love to build, script and design textures and models. However, I do use free models sometimes if it becomes necessary! Many people use free models, even Roblox event creators. Free models are usually created and generated by Roblox users, because of this, there is a chance that the model that you have downloaded into studio might contain a “virus”.

Free model viruses are attached into scripts, parts, textures and more. These viruses may ruin anything in your game, either the gameplay, your models, your files, your textures or might just make the game become broken. Viruses are dangerous things that can ruin our development projects! So, how do I detect and get rid of a virus in Roblox studio?

1). Open studio
2). Press on the “View” button
3). Open the explorer tab in studio
4). Find the search bar

Once you have done all of the steps above, you want to search things. Below is a list of what to search up since most free model viruses have attached files named as the following.

Spread: This is commonly used as a script which spreads the virus
Vaccine: To inject the virus somewhere
Inject: To place the virus somewhere so it can spread
Infect: To infect a certain area of files or to spread the virus
Virus: This is used to define where the root of the virus is
Hacked: A statement to announce that your studio may contain a virus now

These are only a few of the common statements used to define a virus. You should search all of these up in explorer. If you see anything related to these, find the root or the model that this is attached to and delete it! Below I will list some other common statements used to define a virus.

Emojis (?) If a user tries to put a emoji into the file name, it usually comes up as (?). If you see this attached to a texture file, it may be a virus.

Sometimes viruses are hard to detect since some might even look normal. That is why there are many Roblox plugins or Studio plugins that will help you detect if there is a virus attached into a model.

Hope this helped, if you have a question or comment, reply to this topic.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)


this is something 85% of developers but yea good job i guess

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This won’t be useful for now, since Roblox made a update that they can read your game scripts. If there is a virus in it, prepare to say goodbye, a black screen will probably appear saying roblox is reviewing the script, and the owner of the game will get automatically banned after that. It might happen that your game also gets closed.


sorry if I’m wrong, but isn’t this more like #resources:community-tutorials?

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I understand that Roblox did this recently. However, even after Roblox completed this action, people have still been exposed to viruses! Not all viruses have been completely detected and deleted. Even if virus amounts lower, this topic can be still useful.

Hello. Thankyou for notifying me. I am not sure which category fits this topic better. It is like a tutorial, I agree. However, I do think that this might also belong in #resources:community-resources as well as #resources:community-tutorials.

Please put it to #resources:community-tutorials

Hello. Thankyou for this message. However, someone has already touched upon this. Please check my reply first before posting! Per request, I have moved it into #resources:community-tutorials. Please view my message.

Thankyou! If there is anything else wrong with my “topic”, please notify me.

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This is bad advice. Anyone can name a script anything, and if it’s not one of the listed names, people will think it’s safe when it’s not.

Search for just ‘script’ and inspect (or delete) all the scripts.

Hello. I am aware anyone can name a script anything! I understand your point and agree. However, these are only common things that virus scripts might be named. This isn’t bad advice, but like you said it isn’t the best. Another thing you can do is to look in models that should not include scripts and just go through the scripts and check if anything is off. I understand what you are saying but my advice isn’t completely terrible.

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Hello, Roblox Community

Roblox users have been defining my advice as bad since all users can name a script anything! Not all viruses have weird or off putting names! Some models might include “innocent looking” scripts that might also be viruses. You are never completely safe with free models. I recommend (and others have recommended) looking at all scripts attached to these free models and seeing if they might contain a virus. I am writing this post to clear up confusion and to make sure the community stays safe.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)

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I don’t thinks this is suitable in #resources just in #resources:community-tutorials

I would recommend to press shift F and search for require and get fervn scripts. They are normally viruses.

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