How to detect how many players in a server?

Okay so I’m making a camping type story game similar to Break In(Story) by @Cracky4

So what I wanted to do is, I scripted the game with GUi dialouges saying “us” and “we” and “all”, like pretending there are at least 2 players in a server.

I did not think about this earlier but what if there’s only 1 person in a server and nobody is in the server.

How can I change the GUI text dialouges to something which makes sense for a single player? Like this would make no sense if there is only 1 person in server and we have GUIs saying “We should do something to get out of here.”
I want to do something like “I should do something to get out of here.”

I gave many examples and I hope you know what I mean. So if anyone knows, can you please tell me how can I detect players in a server to change the dialouges?


Well this code,

total = 0 
for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
    total = total + 1

would return the total players in a game.

A more effective bit of code would really be the following though.

local players = game.Players:GetPlayers() -- getting players
val.Value = #players -- the value will show the length of the table

Note: I don’t think this can be called from the client due to FE so you’ll have to do this server side.


The first code is more understandable for me for some reason but, what if a player leaves the server?

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Then you just add an if statement with the Player removing event and if thats true then the total can take away depending on how many people left.


Every time you create dialog get player count by doing this:


if you want this as function, to reuse, then do this:

function getPlayerCount()
	return #(game.Players:GetChildren())
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local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local AmountOfPlayers = #Players:GetPlayers()

      AmountOfPlayers = AmountOfPlayers + 1

      AmountOfPlayers = AmountOfPlayers - 1

Thank you for solving this out for me! :slight_smile:

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The client is able to get a list of players in the game. Player instances are replicated.


This works great for many purposes, thanks once again!

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