How to detect when car hits player

can you help me how to detect, when car hit player, and how to split this by, if it is from front, or from side

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We need more information to help you and it would be nice to see what code you have currently. Please follow the scripting support category guidelines in the future when asking for help:

All I can really say with the information provided is have you tried using the Touched event?

Maybe you could make a part about the size of the car (probably not including the wheels), then make a script to check if it is touching an object with a humanoid.

Or multiple parts around the car, on the sides, front and back, and do the same thing.

but i have problem, that i have autospawned cars, and i need to check if it touch player or player jump on it from side

Maybe you could weld an invisible part to each sides of the car model and check if touched by a object with a humanoid?

ok, so i can use event:Disconect()

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I think it should, but I’m currently on phone so I can’t tell for sure, hope it works!