How to disable a server script for a specific player?

What I want: I want to disable a server script for make a mobile version in my game.

Hello, I am currently facing a problem, how can I disable a server script for a specific player? My server script is located in the ServerScriptService.
I did various searches on the devforum but these solutions do not suit me and do not work.

Should I change the location of my script or is there another solution?
Thanks everyone!

I think the better question to ask is, what are you trying to do? You can’t really just disable a server script for a player because it’s not a local script.

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Roblox doesn’t provide APIs for detecting player devices but we can kind of figure it out, albeit it isn’t reliable and in general you should try to adapt your scripts to work across all devices.

See if this post can help you.

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Maybe Roblox doesnt Provide an API to check whats the device that player is using, but its pretty simple to know the size of screen, touch or not device the player is using on local scripts, then if you want to tell your server script to run certain functions depending on that, you just use your Remotes to tell the server script to act depending on the local device player is using.

That question that @1Minecraft0954 fits perfect, whats your goal?


It wasn’t really that, but I managed to put all my scripts into a single local script and it worked, so I don’t need any more help.
Thank you all for help!

What, how many things does that local script do by itself? also you can’t do all from the client side, it won’t replicate to the other players

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Don’t worry, I just did a very simple thing which was to put an else.
If the player is on PC then, else.

In order to do this I still had to modify my server script a little but it works very well now in local, fore the same result!