How to enable Dark Theme in Studio


I’m saying you should mind that stuff like that could happen any time you force a feature on, because you don’t know why it’s disabled.

If the dark theme currently had a ~1/150 chance to completely trash all of your AppData when you open Studio with it on, a detailed guide on how to enable it wouldn’t help.


Hey Developers,

Please beware of unintended consequences when changing Fast Flags on Roblox Studio. We do not encourage developers changing Fast Flags themselves for a variety of reasons. Here’s a topic that provides more details about what Fast Flags are and the dangers of altering them yourself: Warning About Developers Using Fast Flags

Developer Engagement Team


Will new Lua Widgets automatically adapt to dark mode or does that have to be done by the plugin developer?

Also, any way we could get the window title bar to change colors also?

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I can’t say anything about the first one since I don’t use widgets, but for the second one I can say that you can not change the color of that from within studio or by changing any settings in studio.(At least to my knowledge)


I know we can’t change it ourselves, I was just hoping it could be something that is a thing in the future


My bad


Known issue, will be fixed next week.


If its of any help, my program has a warning prompt that the user must accept before it allows you to use the FFlag editor:



Will this dark theme fflag corrupt my place?

I don’t see why UI code would affect place data in studio, but I want to make sure before working on my game. I plan on keeping this FFlag enabled (my eyes love the dark theme).


You should not assume it is safe to toggle fflags. If you’re working on a particular game/file that you can’t afford to lose / get corrupted, then don’t have any fflags toggled while working on that file. Use at your own risk.


The concern lies more in FFlags that do stuff with data that is saved to the site.

I recall one time when Roblox was working on Color3 support for Parts. I had enabled the flag and saved changes to my place, and then the color data got corrupted. It is especially dangerous with stuff like DataStores.

Ultimately the point is this: Roblox has FFlags in place to guard against potentially faulty code. If you circumvent those protections, we cannot be held liable to any data loss or errors that you might run into. That doesn’t mean you are 100% guarenteed going to lose data if you enable something early, but just exercise caution if you don’t know what something actually does.


Any info on how to toggle flags on macOS?


I was essentially asking if the dark theme FFlag specifically had any serious issues with it. (You’re one of the people developing it I assume?)


I’m not actually part of the Studio team so I can’t really speak on their behalf, I’m just providing information where I feel it would be helpful, based on what I know and what I’m allowed to talk about.

The dark theme is purely a visual feature, so at worst you might just run into a crash that somehow relates to it.
I’ve been using the dark theme for a few weeks now and I haven’t seen any serious/blocking problems with it, so it should be fine.


I wish I had my macbook right now to help you, have you tried viewing the package contents and creating the ClientSettings folder there? (Package contents of studio of course)


Alright, thanks.


Tried it directly in package contents, in the Contents folder and Resources. No luck


Maybe try ~/Library/Application Support. However, “Roblox” may not be a child of Application Support. Difficult to go off memory since it’s been so long but I’m not even for sure if Roblox Studio is even in there. Although, you know you’ve reached the right place when you see a ClientSettings folder. Maybe see if there is a Roblox Studio folder in Application Support or if it’s in the Roblox folder (If my memory is correct there is a Roblox folder in there). If that doesn’t work I’ll help when I get my hands on my MacBook. (or you may find the solution before then :sweat_smile:)


This little icon has some weird white outlining:


Compared to the icons next to it:



Absolutely loving the dark theme so far. Other than a few weird white spots here and there, the team did a good job! :smiley:

I don’t care about showing part of my source code, it’s just my data loading code