How to enable Dark Theme in Studio


Honestly, the latter looks way more flat and undefined to me than Roblox Studio does. I think it’s just preference.

custom themes would be cool though


I guess it just comes down to preference. I assume the “flat” is about this:
I like how the dark theme is now with the grey color scheme they currently have, it reminds me of discord’s dark theme. But some people will be a bit more picky and would like to be able to change the theme colors to their liking just how we can change script editor colors so hopefully that will become an option soon in the future.

Overall good job studio team, I am loving this update! :smiley:


Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!


I believe Dark Theme is out!


This is true


The only nitpick I have is like how @Dev_Ryan said, shades currently don’t have enough contrast.

Being able to change UI colors ourselves would be magical though.


You may want to update this post saying that it’s released so people stop messing with FastFlags


Use World Space seems to still have a few issues with the icon image


If I were you I’d probably post that on this Dark Mode issues thread as Roblox staff are more likely to catch it there than in a reply to a community tutorial.