How to extract an instance from table

im want extrack instance from table

Could you provide more information about that? Because I didn’t get the main idea.

im want to save players data(folder)

I think you can use this article:

And also, you don’t have to extract an instance from a table for saving data.

but me want to save Folder and extract Folder

You cannot save Instances with DataStore service. Folders also are instances, so you cannot save folders.

bruh i mean

function ConvertFolderToTable()…

function ConvertTableToFolder()…

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im want to convert a folder to table and convert table to folder simple.

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i already make convert folder to table but i can’t extract it

Use the GetChildren() function. It returns a table of the children of an instance.

Oops, I didn’t see the rely above.

Try something like this:

local selected
for index, child in pairs(childrenTable) do
 if child:IsA(“Part) then --change to method of selection. For example, child.Name == “Important”
  selected = child

on the assumption that you store only folders and numbervalues, intvalues, boolvalues, simple value sorta stuff

toTable = function(Folder)
    local t = {}
    for _, v in next, Folder:GetChildren() do
        t[v.Name] = (not v:IsA"Folder" and v.Value or toTable(v))
    return t

toFolder = function(Table)
    local Folder ="Folder")
    for i,v in next, Table do
        if type(v) == 'table' then
            local vv = toFolder(v)
            vv.Parent = Folder
            vv.Name = i
            local vv ='number' and "Number" or type(v)=='boolean' and "Bool" or type(v)=='string' and "String").."Value", Folder)
            vv.Value = v
            vv.Name = i
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it works

local function ConvertFolderToTable(folder)
	local tabl = {}
	if folder:IsA("Folder") then
		tabl = folder:GetChildren()
	return tabl or {}

local function ExtractTableToFolder(tabl,name,pos)
	local folder = nil
	local pos = pos
	local name = name
	if type(tabl) == "table" then
		local folder ="Folder")
		for _,v in pairs(tabl) do
			v:Clone().Parent = folder
		folder.Parent = pos

local x = ConvertFolderToTable(script.Test)