How to find largest DataStore2 value

Quite simply, how do I do this. It’s for a donation leaderboard.

I can’t seem to find anything in the Datastore2 API that could help me.


I’m not very familiar with DataStore2, but I know that ProfileService has it, since that’s what I’m using. Maybe this can help you, all though his not actually using DataStore2.

The title say’s DataStore2 but the solution is not using DataStore2.


If you want a leaderboard of any sort, the best/easiest option is to use OrderedDataStores
They can automatically give you the top players/players with the greatest value in order.

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Ah if so, that’s gonna be hella weird, I’ll have 2 different datastore services in one game… lol

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Hmm, not sure if you understand what I meant, I’m not forcing you to use ProfileService nor suggesting, I was just telling you that it has that feature.

Here I just googled global leaderboard with datastore2, it seems that DataStore2 also has that feature.

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