How to fix UI size

I’ve always had this problem with my UIS.



Anybody know how to fix this or any plugins that can make Roblox game the same as studio.

I just started UI like last 2-3 weeks. I’ve never had this problem.

Because of the viewport in Studio usually becomes smaller by adding docked windows, you should use these settings to centralize the UI:

AnchorPoint = 0.5,0.5
Position = {0.5,0},{0.5,0}

All aspect ratios are different, do not use offset only.


image Here is my loadout.

I think it is the Frame you want to change.

The relevant information I’m seeking is through the properties… wait, do you know what the properties window is?

Addendum: TextScaled usually results inconsistent sizes to fit the spaces. Perhaps fixing it in some way should do it.

Well, if you’re looking for further information:

To address the issue of scaling, UDim2 is x = {scale, offset}, y = {scale, offset}.
Using scale will scale the UI according to the resolution of the screen.

Perhaps adding UIConstraints will help?

If you want to make what you see on studio the same as what you’ll see in game, you have to use size offset instead of scale, as scale will adjust to varying screen sizes. Offset however is very limited and is not gonna be flexible for all screen sizes, which is why scale should be dominant over offset. Offset is more of a fine adjustment rather than a major adjustment, so if you want to get the best results with UI scaling, it takes a lot of experimentation, there’s no easy way to achieve a perfectly scaled UI, even plugins will not always give you desired results right away.

The cool thing is that you could use the emulator and emulate to fit window size to see the appearance of the UI in Studio while comparing to a resolution size.

Pretty nifty, huh?

I usually do that today for UI design.


I could use that too, but it’s really small. ree

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Make sure to calibrate it with a credit or if card aswell.