How to force every player to have no packages?

For consistency, my game requires every player to not have any packages equipped. Currently, I’m doing this by using an R15 standard rig as a StarterCharacter, but as you probably know, using a different character messes the animations, even if they’re made for that character rig(at least, this is my case).
How can I force the player to have no packages without using a StarterCharacter? I want my animations to work.

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you can try this:

 if yes:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
for index, stuff in pairs(yes:GetChildren()) do
  if stuff:IsA("CharacterMesh") then

you can either make it whenever a player spawns in it removes the character meshes or just put this script somewhere if this is what u asked for

Tried both answers and this one worked. Thanks!

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