How to get better at building?

If want u to build something then recreate it with reference picture or model.
If u are recreating you can find details or tricks you may have not done before.
Try something simple first.

Don’t focus on one spot and stop doing the other parts, do tiny details and make it more if u want.


If you want to get good fast, frequently research the devforum #collaboration:portfolios in building and look at the detail they put in their work and try to reflect that in yours. Take commissions (for free if you’re unsure with your skill) and keep taking requests and sharpen your skills. It all happens over time and once you’re over that learning curve, you will improve incredibly fast. Just beware of the burnout monster!


I love watching speedbuilds and replicating the things that i see in my builds. I often use reference images for inspiration, Those 2 things combined with experiencing can make you better at building

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Hey! I have quite a few tips for you myself; hopefully these help out a bit!

So, first off, I’d start off with smaller builds and projects. Get to know how unions, and negating, as well as building certain difficult parts in general works, so you know how these work in the future. You can always use reference pictures or models for this; similar to art and how when drawing, artists use references at times to make something. Building takes time for most to learn and get truly good at; take your time and learn at your own pace. This will take time but it’s truly worth it, you’ll get better and better, and eventually, you’ll be a great builder before you know it with work and practice.

Practice makes perfect and is key when building. Never forget this and always use this advice; time is key, don’t rush a build, even when you have time constraints. It’s better to have a great build that took lots of time than have a not-so-good build that was rushed completely. YouTube tutorials can help but will not help you master building unless you take the time to learn yourself. Take free models from the toolbox. Take them apart and see how they were made with the unions and all that is in them, then try to recreate it yourself, and if you get confused on how to do something ask here on the Developer Forums. It may not be too good, but that’s okay! You’re learning. A very famous quote that I love, along with many others: “Your first game will be awful. But you can’t make your 50th without making your first. So get over it and make it.”

This is how true success is made. Take your time and learn. Your first few projects may be horrible and that’s normal. You’re doing the best thing you can do, and learning. Look for feedback on builds in the Developer Forums, and you can learn even more, through suggestions of others who have lots of experience in building. Use their tips, and learn from them. Keep using and noting what you’ve learned in the future. This is how I learned. When I first joined the Developer Forums, I looked at feedback people had received on various builds, and then tried recreating free models from the toolbox, not doing the biggest models right away, and doing smaller things, such as a door, then learning how those were made, and attempting to remake them on my own.

Don’t be afraid to use reference images either. Almost all developers use these and they will allow your creativity and skills to be put to the test. Try making some changes from the original reference image. Now you’ve got yourself a unique build inspired by another building, in real life or in a game. Then keep trying this. Try combining multiple builds, to make a town, or a city, or restaurant; anything that combines your work into one game. Watch how others make something such as a table and learn modeling that way. Once you have enough builds, and enough good models you have made, not only have you learned to build, but you could possibly even attempt a larger challenge, like a showcase game or vibe game yourself. Let your creativity run wild when you build. Once you feel confident enough, attempt to make your own unique builds, like a house, or a restaurant, maybe a cafe. These will pay off majorly in the long run and can bring you success once your skills are enough to undertake these things. It will not only allow your creativity to run wild, it will allow you to put skills you have learned to the test and get better at what you are doing. There is always room to learn something, no matter how well you know it or how much you have worked on it.

Take your time to learn all this. Use the tips I have above. Put your skills to the test once you feel comfortable. Use tutorials, use reference images. It’ll be difficult but it will pay off. Keep this in mind and always do your best work, and you’ll get there. Your first builds are gonna be bad. Don’t lose motivation because of that, use it as motivation to work harder and get better over time. It will, and I mean it, pay off eventually.

All in all, there are so many ways you can learn, and I wish you the absolute best of luck learning how to build. Hopefully this helped out a bit, I got a bit carried away typing this.


If you want to become better at building you should learn different kinds of techniques and watch YouTubers to see how they approach buildings things.

You should also install plugins they will make your life so much easier. Here are some links.

Here is a link to one of the first tutorials I saw. This video will help you better understand how to use certain plugins.


Discussed topic you may want to do some research on the forum to find already talked about topics that go into more depth and leave information/ tips.

While practice is key when it comes to being a better builder as that’s the way you will learn to become a better builder overtime, try focusing on something you’re interested in or enjoy whether it be castles, realistic scenes, cars/guns ect.

Always have a few reference images by your side to act as a small guide to help you get those important details, textures - colors, into the style you choose to incorporate within your builds. I’ll try viewing existing threads; since it may be something that’ll help you with becoming a better builder consider taking notes and use that when needed. See thread here:


One thing I would recommend is changing the stud movement.Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 7.57.50 PM
You can change these, smaller numbers means the more…precise it moves.
1 stud:

.5 stud:0 studs

You get the idea, I recommend .5 studs for building, but you can always adjust it.


1 build
2 build
3 build

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Try to search on YouTube “Speedbuilds”, so you can see how other people work, and learn new tricks, techniques, material combimnations, or just have an idea of what to build, as a starter builder this have worked a LOT.
At the moment my favourite speedbuild its cafune7’s, streets of december map :slight_smile:


You can always practice, obviously, and go off of reference images to learn new techniques in building. Try and challenge yourself, and make unique designs and complicated builds to help yourself improve and learn more about building. It’s easy if you can get the hang of it, and keep a pace you are comfortable with. Always make sure to have motivation, too. Remember to not rush anything, and use different increments within your building, along with different parts.


To add to the cafune7 builds, I suggest watching these:

Havent watched this one below but it seems good:


Watching speed builds aren’t a good idea if you are trying to get better. You will see the creator quickly create a great build with seemingly no effort and you will be left disappointed that you are unable to do the same, but you will probably be able to see some methods of building you haven’t used, so that’s up to you.

The best thing you can do if you don’t have much experience yet is try to recreate common real world objects in roblox. For example, a:

  • desk
  • chair
  • bowl
  • bottle
  • computer

Find a reference image of objects you want to make, import them into roblox as a decal, put the decal on a large part, and lock the part with the decal. Use this as a reference image directly in studio, and then just start building.

Shape out all the features of the object, and play around with the colors until it looks good and you are satisfied with the look and amount of details.

After you get a good understanding of all Roblox tools, booleans, and such, then go on google maps, go to a random city and look for a building you like. Then take images of it, import them as reference images like before, and start building the exterior of it.

When you get to making the interior of buildings, I suggest you first make a floor plan of the interior out of parts first, and only then use these parts, extend them up creating the walls, and go from there. That’s how I do interiors myself. (I suggest 1 stud wall thickness. This looks the most natural in most cases, but see what you like yourself.)

Basically keep working and posting your best work on places like devforum or development discords until people start asking to hire you to work for them, thats when you know you are good at building.

Good luck.


If you practice, and look at reference images you can get good at building.


start learning blender and texturing asap!


You can always adjust the sped of the video

What I would suggest is to try designing different types of builds by using reference pictures (mainly trying different styles) and whichever style you like the best and find in your terms the most fun to make go off from there and try making different designs off of that general concept which can be watching tutorials off of youtube on this specific concept or searching the forum.

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A real easy way to get better at building is to think how can your build it better and then do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

A really easy idea to make your builds stand out better is to have some rounded parts/anything non-flat.

  1. Put work in no youtube tutorial can teach you your building style and how you like to.

  2. Dont rush just take your time

All you can do is do it and eventually you will notice your growth.

Really challenge yourself, but set a limit or else you’ll burn out and eventually not look back at building like i did, Surprise yourself and take your time. Definitely reference and try out new things such as colors and materials!


RoBuilder is a really good channel if you want to learn and get better at building. His content is mostly about cartoony building.