How to get user's on-sale items?

So I’m trying to make a game and I want to get the player’s on-sale items/clothing

But i don’t know how to, I’ve been researching for many hours and found nothing about it many other games have done it tho, they found ways to get player’s gamepasses and on-sale clothing but I don’t know how to

I cant get exactly what you want but I did find something on how to get a users owned clothes. if this will assist you in anyway

local InventoryUrl = "" -- used in a string.format thingy

-- In an event
local Inventory = HttpService:JSONDecode(HttpService:GetAsync(string.format(InventoryUrl, 1, Player.UserId))) -- function
for _, item in next, Inventory do
-- do stuff

Please take in mind that this was in a solution from 2019

Here you go, this has been asked a fair bit recently.

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no i dont want the owned clothing i need the ones that the user made and is onsale