How to hide a game from recently played even if your teleported to it?


So, im trying to make a lobby, and wheb you teleport to the main game, i dont want the game to appear in recently played. Only the lobby. Thanks!

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You could simply create a game inside the main one.

Or through studio:
Go to Asset Manager

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Ive never seen how. Could you explain? oh now i see it

And this would hide the main game but not the lobby?

Do you want to hide the main game or the lobby?

the main game. You teleport from the lobby into the main.

Then put the main game inside the lobby game
[Add a place into the lobby place]


Whichever place is your Start Place will remain your start place (in his case the start place is the main game, and will always show as such until you make a different start place), if you want to designate a new place as your start place you have to publish that new place over the existing Start Place… then you can begin adding in new places as different maps.

You will want your Lobby as your Start Place… If you want to change your Start Place, you have to follow this sequence listed here in this solution:

Make sure you save both Places as a file, so that you don’t accidentally overwrite either place and lose it… then follow those directions above, its very simple.