How to Implement OOP in Rbx.Lua

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been seeing mentions of object-oriented programming using Rbx.Lua and was wondering how one would implement OOP mechanics into their game.

What are some good resources to learn about OOP in Rbx.Lua? If there aren’t any good ones, what are the basic rules of thumb when implementing OOP mechanics?

Here is a resource I always use as reference and helped me wrap my head around OOP in Lua on Roblox:

Hope it helps!


Using OOP with stock Lua is fairly annoying syntax wise. I would start by recommending either an external library, like Nexus Instance or any of the several dozen other ones, or consider using an off-platform compiler using TypeScript, like roblox-ts.

For actual OOP development, the guide linked above is a good reference.

The resource I used when first learning about object-oriented programming in Lua:

Try learning the skills of OOP in Python first. Python is similar to Lua in many ways, and might teach some skills for organising code.

You can use metatables if you’re looking for syntax that resembles OOP languages. Otherwise I suggest you try a OOP language first to learn what it means or how you might want to interact with it, pros and cons etc. Since the syntax itself is not needed to implement the design of OOP.

I have experience with OOP languages, just wanted to know how it’s applied in lua as lua isn’t inherently object-oriented.