How to import games into my group?

I’m sorry but I didn’t know which category I should put it in.

I have a group but and also a game but it’s separate.
So i need to import my game into my group but I don’t know how to I have searched on Roblox but it only shows how to create a game.


I don’t think this is possible. There is a forum on this and Seranok posted that it isn’t a feature and it isn’t going to be in the near future. You could always check the road maps to see if there is any new features coming out here. You could try and post something in feature requests.


The only way would be to publish the place from the group, but then it will be a different game so 0 visits, 0 likes, etc.


I think what you’re talking about is putting a game into a group right? In that case, if you onto your game that you want to upload, go here

then you’ll come onto this page here

then create place on the group

Hope it helps.


@SoftwareEngine did a pretty good job explaining, however, you doing that will reset all visits, likes, favorites follows, etc. For your copied game.


I don’t see why you guys are so concerned about place statistics, that’s completely irrelevant to the question. OP wants to import a game from a profile to a group, not transfer the whole game.

That all being said, I remember there was an option called Publish Whole Game that accomplished this all in one single step. Don’t know if that option still exists, haven’t bothered to check.


Just checked, it’s still around :smiley:

In studio, going to File > Advanced > Publish Whole Game will allow you to move the game into your group. I haven’t actually used this feature, but you will probably lose some statistics like visits and likes.


I have the same problem, i feel you.

Maybe create a game where it teleports you to that game

It’s not around anymore, R.I.P.