How to let the player's camera "look through" a part?

Not sure if this is the right category, but couldn’t find any that was better.

I want my players to be able to look through parts in my game. For example, if you’ve ever played Build a Boat for Treasure, you know that you can look through the parts you built any part in the game really, and it’s cancollide is set to true, and the transparency is 0.

Is there like a setting in a script or something?

Here’s a link to Build a Boat so you can experience what I’m talking about: Build A Boat For Treasure - Roblox


uhm, I think this is like already a feature unless I’m stupid since my game has it and it gives u the right to look through a part, try changing the camera’s type to scriptable since thats what my options are

That doesn’t seem to be working, either.
Here’s what it’s doing:

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o h, idk then but for some reason I can look through parts in my game

Starter Player → DevCameraOcclusionMode → Invisicam

If you want more control over this you can script it so that it shoots a ray from the camera, and .Unit it and then you can choose specific parts or whatever you want to do with it


That isn’t working either. Is this script right?

game.StarterPlayer.DevCameraOcclusionMode = Enum.DevCameraOcclusionMode.Invisicam

You can go to starterPlayer in explorer and change the camera occlusion mode


Don’t script it, just set it in starter player and see if that fixes