How to make 1 character spawn as a custom character, and after a few seconds gets spawned back to players character?

Hello, i’m not really good at scripting but I do know some stuff, and I need help on making 1 random player become a custom character, then after a few seconds/minutes gets turn back into his character. I know how to make a custom character, I just need help on 1 player becoming it after a few seconds/minutes. Example on what I’m talking about, you know games like piggy bear and there are many others, how one play in short matter of time becomes the killer then after a few seconds/minutes back to his character.

you are going to have to set up a round-based system for this, I have made a tutorial on how to make that luckily: How To Make A Round-Based System

As for the Custom Character, make sure you check out the 2015 method of this tutorial: Replacing the default character with a custom character

and set the NetworkOwnership to the player like this:

for _, d in pairs(F:GetDescendants()) do -- F is your custom character
	if d:IsA("BasePart") then

I’m not sure what method you’re going for in terms of getting the player back to normal but if you want return to the player to their normal state while also respawning them you could use Player:LoadCharacter()

If you’re wanting to return them to normal without respawning what I might suggest is you run a loop in the Players Character and get rid of custom character parts and then use game.Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(playersuserid) and then run another loop and get all their accessories/character meshes etc and return those to the players character.