How to make a boat

Today I want to know how to create a boat since the Surface Type tab and hinge got removed
So I don’t know how I can make the boat for now.



If you wanna make a boat with the hinge you wanted then here. Finale of Part Surface Changes: No More Hinges And Can't find Surface anymore in properties. to make a boat with the solution without a hinge or with the hinge I gave you. then you should use Roblox building tools to make it and move it to water (if you don’t have water in your place then click terrain editor on your top of Roblox studio and click sea level as it’s in the final button of terrain editor. then you can make water with that.) then add vehicle seat to your boat and try test it. if it works then that’s the solution for you (which needs to mark this as a solution) if it doesn’t work then try tell me with the information and error or something. Thank you.

Check out my youtube video showing how

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Don’t put this in the DevForum, this could be found on Google simply.

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Step 1. Get this plugin which brings back an easy way to edit surfaces on parts (Yes, it also brings back hinges): Surface Tool - Studs Are Back! - Roblox

Step 2. You gotta insert a Script into the boat’s model that contains this one line: script.Parent:MakeJoints()
(The surfaces do not join if you don’t do this)

I can confirm that this worked for me when I wanted to build a vehicle!