How to make a draggable UI

Hello developers, how do I create a draggable UI like in the video below:

Example.wmv (708.5 KB)

Any help will be appreciated.

In response to this, there was also a custom module made by @Spynaz on the DevForum that allowed for easily making draggable UI objects.

Here is the post.

Look for the property Draggable. Make sure that it is checked.

Its deprecated if I’m not wrong.

The solution I wanted is on how to script a draggable bar like the roblox default menu’s Volume Setting.

It would require something along the lines of using the .InputBegan and .InputEnded events on the UIObject you want to drag.

You’d just have to make sure you’re only following the position of the player’s mouse on the X axis.

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Oh I see. Thank you for the solution.