How to make a good anti-exploit?

I’ve had a few cases already of my game being exploited by hackers, including when the popular exploiter YouTuber “Dark Eccentric” went into my game and exploited on it.

I want to prevent this from ever happening again, so I am trying to find out how to make an anti-exploit.

I don’t want one of those “simple” anti-exploits where it just kicks the player if they speed-hack. This is because I use admin systems in my game. So basically, I don’t want an anti-exploit which kicks someone for flying or no-clipping, or any other things you’d find in an admin system.

I want one of those anti-exploits where the server shuts down when someone uses one of those scripts you find on YouTube. I don’t want it to kick the specific player, I want it to shut down the whole server when that happens.
To elaborate, the server shuts down when, say, lots of parts are being destroyed, or when there is super loud music, or something similar.

So does anyone have a solution?

I don’t know of any good references for you, but from experience if you see a client start to eat up memory there probably up to no good.
Best of luck, If I find anything I’ll be sure to DM you

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OoooO! I love Anti Cheats!

I hate using those free admin systems, so I made my own.
First im not sure what your game is but lets say its a simulator as its really simple to understand.
This simulator is going to be a simple click to get coins.

Securing your system
First thing Id suggest is run your system all through server scripts if possible, if its a local script (or local module script) it can be highjacked, downloaded, and altered for the benefit of a player.
Id also just run your anti cheat externally using HTTP service so you can have a ban system that’s external allowing you to change things easily and tie it into discord etc (dm me if you want help with this)

If our simulator game has a limit to how fast you can click lets say 1 click every second, we know that the player can’t be receiving a coin more than 1 coin a second so if we detect a player getting more than 1 coin a second lets say this tripled to 3 coins a second (because if there is lag we don’t want a false positive) then we flag the player saying they might be cheating and give them a 3 warning system, then kick them if they seem to be cheating.

To prevent flying you got a couple options, you can use Region3s to define a play area that is within reason for a player to be but if they go outside of that then you can tell they are either cheating or found a serious bug. If your map is flat you can just check if they are within a certain height, and if none of those work you can use raycasts or just check if the player is falling down or not with humanoid.FallingDown.

Shutting server down
Never done this but I found this: Soft Shutdown Script

Super loud music
Roblox honestly doesn’t give us enough control over sound, so I got nothing for this other than having a loop checking through some music service making sure they are a certain volume.

If parts are being destroyed for all players you might have FilteringEnabled turned off, it should only happen locally.


I see. My game is this: Blue Octopus Space Station - Roblox