How to make a gpo-like sword effect

Hello, I’ve been trying to achieve an effect such as GPO’s ( grand piece online ) sword slash, but I’ve been stuck on the texture part of the texture needed for it,

Gpo’s slash effect :

If anyone can help, it would mean a lot to me!


Can you tell me aswell? I’ve been trying for months to get this type of effect with no success :weary:

This is in the incorrect category, I would suggest moving it to #help-and-feedback

I know this is even farther behind, but for future reference, the answer is a sprite-sheet that is moved backwards. Some tricky application, but definitely not very hard to do either.

I’m pretty sure they’re using a squashed sphere mesh and changes the decal id to make it look like it’s moving, i’ve made one of these before. for more information i’d suggest to check this post