How to make a oneway door?

Ive been wanting to know how to make a oneway door/portal.

If you dont know what I mean, its basically a portal, that cant be seen on the back side, and only the front.

through the portal, you can see the destination of the map you are going through, and you go through the portal smoothly, and not one of those “easy teleporters” you can find in the toolbox.

I haven’t seen any tutorials or posts on this, so If you know how, or u have an idea, feel free to share it.

Thanks for your time.

idk but you can try use viewportframes or something

Maybe this video would be interesting for you to watch. It’s the exact concept that you’re looking for, just in Unity(as far as I remember, been years since I saw the video)

You’ll have to adapt that to Roblox of course. I would suggest having the portal being a viewportFrame, and then include a few selected props into the viewportFrame, so it looks like it’s a part of the location that the portal takes you to, without being that.

Best way to make portals is using Viewport Frames. EgoMoose made this and it’s a great place to start learning. (Place is uncopylocked so you can look through the source code to see how it works.)

You can make it so portals only generate for a single direction. Its pretty much just viewport frames, cloning environments, and basic teleportation. If you take inspiration from his creation, you should be able to create your own version of Viewport Portals and adapt it to your scenario.

You can find more information on his creation process here.