How to make a player have an item in a certain zone

Hey I’m K0rrupt! And I’m currently working on a Hangout game, and I was just wondering:
How do we give the player a gear in a certain zone but then when they leave the zone, they do not have the gear at all in their inventory

Any tips would really help!


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Region3 is your answer to this. You then use a table to store whoever is in the region, whoever leaves the region, remove them from the table.


Well, you can do this with either 2 options here

Region3 is great for detecting specific areas inside your game, and it’s detected in a cubical shape

(An alternative) Magnitude can be used to detect the difference between 2 Parts, and you could check for the Character’s HumanoidRootPart subtracted by the Origin’s Part if the Magnitude is far enough

Either way you can just simply loop through all the Players using game.Players:GetPlayers(), and detecting if the Player’s Character (Specifically their HumanodRootPart) is in that specific area or not to be able to give them the Tool


I had answered a similar thread–I would use zoneplusv2, check out my post in other thread:

and to answer your question about giving and taking away, you need to clone whatever tool you want to the player and then later detect tool on the player’s character and player’s backpack and destroy.

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