How to make a "PLS DONATE!" Game Tutorial

Though I support the concept of learning through real world examples, this crosses the line.

The issues with this sort of tutorial start with the title. Nobody who legitimately wants to learn will be looking up how to copy a game.

This isn’t a great way of teaching either. The explanations are very short only show how things apply to this specific use case. You’re not really explaining much. This makes it so anybody who isn’t simply trying to copy code is left with incomplete knowledge of what they’re working with or how to use these concepts.

If your intentions weren’t to create copies of a specific game, then why make a tutorial this way? Why make the title mention a specific game? If you wanted to teach people the same concepts used, you could’ve at least showed them in a different use case. Most resources for learning try to showcase general use cases and very basic code samples so people can put things together on their own.

minor points that aren't as important (click to show)

This is “what-about-ism” (google it). Also, a YT tutorial will generally be shown to an audience who mostly aren’t devs and won’t take as much issue with this. Devforum posts are shown to… developers. This may be a reason why it seems like there is less criticism for the same behavior.

Another small point: I also don’t see how the fact that people asked for it means that this isn’t just a guide to copying someone else’s work. Lots of people wanting to copy something does not mean that it is acceptable to copy it.

I should probably clarify that my goal isn’t to start an argument or to personally insult the writer of this post. My goal is to point out why this isn’t a good way of making tutorials. Showing people how to copy a game is not a good way of teaching.


How do I download the game? I don’t see the download button he showed in the tutorial


It would be nice to know exactly what’s done and where it’s located as I put about 10 hours into building the map with 3 other people also doing as much work as me.


i could write a more in-depth explanation inside of the readme script if you’d like

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How is making an “experience” begging people to give you money an experience?

Roblox’s tagline is “Powering Imagination” but where’s the imagination in creating an experience where the sole purpose is to beg for money, while most of the time there is little to no effort to make it actually good.

I don’t think people should encourage other people to create games just to make a quick cash grab, which is a large problem on the platform. Experiences should be meaningful and have effort put into them and the popularization of these types of experiences is honestly sad to see. Encouraging others to create experiences begging for money takes away from the “Powering Imagination” Roblox was created for.


i’m pretty sure everyone is well aware this took a lot of effort for everyone in our team

it’s better to move this to dms as this is a tutorial post, not a discussion post


Sorry, I should’ve said visual effort. I’m not denying that the game takes a lot of programming effort, but i meant as in visual effort, the game’s looks.


Yo, thanks for this! I wanna make a donation-type game with a unique twist, almost like starving artist.


Why, just why, this will make the “Donate me” concept way boring, and annoying, just like Piggy.
Good job for the effort of making a tutorial though!


I think this is just a post to show people how to make a game, if this you think this isn’t okay then why would Roblox literally have templates of games to literally start out with, at least this shows how to do it and not have it there for you.

This can teach you something, maybe even how to make something claimable, not just donations.

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Pls Donate is not a cash grab it’s a cool game and concept and many people have gotten rich getting and giving robux


roblox doesn’t need more of these games


I don’t recommend this. I really don’t. It gives you an unprofessional look as a developer and it’s nothing more than a cash grab, no matter how much you think this is unique/not a copy just because of the scripts.


i appreciate both of your, and @darkpixlz input

and i completely understand, and i wasn’t really satisfied with what i did either. we created this out of popular requests from the community, and i do have little regrets on making this yeah.

i know this thread will haunt me for the coming years and will make me look bad but i did learn from it


I understand all you said, but I still think that you shouldn’t have made this topic if you didn’t even want to in the first place.

You shouldn’t do things for others, you’re you and it isn’t your duty to satisfy others at your own cost, and on top of that get basically nothing.

If it bothers you as you said in this reply, I suggest deleting it. It will put you at ease and you won’t feel like…

Whatever you do I hope it turns out well for you, just not in an unrespectable way, I guess. Good luck!

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Well I followed the tutorial of the video and when I payed my game with my friends and when I clicked their buttons, nothing happened.


make a guide on just how to get user created items (including gamepasses)


yes we need the gamepass not just the clothing

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The explanations are very short only show how things apply to this specific use case.

I find it’s extremely beneficial to learn when you’re forced to modify and change sections of code you copied, which is extremely common when you copy code which was for a specific case that doesn’t apply to what you need to do. It forces you to understand what the code your copying is doing, so you can figure out how to apply it for your own needs, which could result in you needing to research new territory. You would honestly learn significantly less if you looked up code samples that can be perfectly pasted right in what you’re trying to do.

Of course, I know you’re saying that because this was specific use case, it seemed like it was intended only for people who need that specific case, but I think this undermines the people that aren’t trying to make pls donate games that wanted to try and benefit from this thread.

I of course agree that there were people clicking on this thread that just wanted a game copied and pasted for them, but there were definitely people that simply wanted certain portions of code samples, (e.g someone that wants to know how pls donate me games grabs a player’s assets).


Congrats, the copies are out and I bet they used this to get there.