How to make a push gamepass

So I was making a ragdoll out of my free time and decided to make a push gamespass but I dont know how? We’ll I know how to make a gamepass but I dont know how to make a push script or equip when bought and sadly they were no YouTube videos that could help so I am asking the forums. Thank You.


I do not know whether this is what you need but feel free to give it a read. It will help you create a working gamepass including equipping when bought using the PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished.

Let me know if I didn’t solve your problem.

As for the Pushing script, I have never made one so I don’t have a solution for that.

Sure will tell you if it worked

For the push, use UserInputService to detect if the player is pressing a key, add a cooldown to that, load and play an animation, and then detect if the user’s hands hit the “target”. Then, make the target ragdoll.

Helpful Links:

Detecting Collisions:

I hope this helped!