How to Make a report system!

How to make a Report system that goes to your discord can someone please help me!


First, you will need a discord webhook, which you can create through your Discord server’s settings.

Here’s a tutorial post on how to use the webhook:


So, as Fizzy said above, sending Webhooks to your server will be the way, but how do I set this up? You may be asking yourself, well… HERE’S HOW!

The first thing to note is security/maintenance, Roblox can only send so many requests a second to Discord, so we have to use a custom service/proxy that allows us to send more than that over time. I prefer lewisakura, but that’s just me. Now, the absolute security of this. Players can spam the webhook and send an infinite amount of webhooks over time, causing a flood in our reports, so add a server debounce to the remote call that fires the webhook. ( I recommend around 120-300 seconds debounce)

The Coding, to code a reporting system, you’ll need to make a UI with some TextBox for things like “Player Name,” “Reason,” etc., as well as adding a button to fire the Report remote that will send the TextBox data to the server. From the server’s point of view, set the debounce so the player can’t spam it, then you want to check what is being sent. Does the player exist? Has the player been reported a mass amount? (If you wish to auto-ban). Once the player fires this and the arguments check out, fire the webhook with the data and set the debounce on the player, else turn off the debounce and let them try again.