How to make a RPG mob


I want to make a mob that follows you to a certain range that gives you coins on death. Mob has to hold sword


Make the mob swing the sword

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For the last one how would I make it so the mob swings

You can create a AnimationTrack Object, which would hold the NPC’s Animation swinging its sword when a Target is near

could i just make it so if a playe ris near i do :PlayAnimation

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Pretty much, yes

--Define your animation & load it before you start the loop
local Animation = script:WaitForChild("SwingAnimation")
local LoadAnimation = script.Parent.Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(Animation)

--After finding a valid target in the loop
if Target then

There’s an entire RPG framework with template enemies included. Have you seen this yet? Are you looking to make your own?

I am trying to make a custom rpg

Woah Jack, thanks for giving me the various topics. I was also thinking of making a NPC Sword a long time ago but the NPC would kill the next targets instantly. Thanks

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Can you send me the one in the text?