How to make a selling and buying system from each other?

How to make a selling buying system from each other? So player’s can sell different things to each other. I am not asking for scripts, but I’m asking what is there needed to know?

Your question is a little wide/not specific. What is needed to know? emm
Depends on what u already know.

  • Functions
  • GUIS
  • Loops
  • Tables
  • DataStore
  • Remotes
  • SanityChecks

Thats the first that comes to my mind.

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If you’re looking for something like World of Magic where players can sell their items and have them on the store for other players to purchase, maybe I can suggest you do something like having a globalized table of items in a ModuleScript set with sell and purchase functions?

It could work out like this:

-- Module script
local items = {}
local functionstoReturn = {}

function functionsToReturn.Sell(Player, ItemOrSomething)
	-- add the item to the items array, and have it be sold to another player via some unique index or key

function functionsToReturn.Purchase(Player, ItemToPurchase)
	-- remove the item from the table and have player1 give player2 money	

return functionsToReturn -- now have a script utilize these functions and you're all set
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