How to make a sword fighting area?

Hello! I was wondering how would I be going about making a area where you can use a sword and damage and fight people but just in that area, similar to the game Flex Your Account Age. The mechanic simply you walk on a part where the fighting area is you get your sword and you can fight, but just there in that specific area, any help is appreciated.

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You can probably use a Region3 to detect if a player entered the area and give them a sword, and if they leave remove the sword

ZonePlus should help you do what is required as it has events for when you Enter a region3 and leave a region3

Although this method will s till allow you hurt people who are slightly close to the zone but not touching it. You could add a BoolValue into a player that determines if they can be hurt that changes if you’re in the region or not and make the sword check the value of it before damaging


It’s easier than you think and region 3s are a great start.

  • Create some tools.
  • Add some parts.
  • Create a script that detects when the tool is activated.
  • In order for it’s activation code to work, make sure you build an if statement that checks if it’s in a Region3.
  • Make sure you use a whitelist or ignorelist to preserve processing power.
  • Debounce the activation so it can’t be spammed.
  • Play a swing animation if it’s in a region.
  • Connect a touch event to the blade to do damage.
  • Disconnect the touch event when the animation stops, or at a keyframe of the animation.

Give it a shot.