How to make a Twitter-code system

I would like to make a twitter-like code system for my game, but I dont know how, I haven’t started making it (The Twitter code system), im just wondering if anyone has made a plugin for it. I have looked on youtube but they just have it as a pastebin, so I dont know what im doing or how it works, I would like to know if anyone has a toutorial I can use to make the code system.

There is no plugin that can “use Twitter”. However, Twitter has their own API (which is not that hard to find but I’m unsure if I can send it here) which you can use in your code with HTTPService.

Here goes.
Don’t make it too advanced, but assuming you want a certain twitter code to be accepted, then it’s actually quite simple.
Presuming you put a localscript under a textbox, all you need to really do is:

script.Parent:GetPropertyChangedFunction("Text"):Connect(function() -- whenever the text changes in a textbox, run the following
 if script.Parent.Text == "YourTwitterCodeHere" then -- change YourTwitterCodeHere to whatever you want the code to be. if the text in the textbox is equivalent to your code, then
  print("code is correct!") -- output that the code is correct!

however, to link it through twitter itself, i doubt such thing is possible, and the codes will likely have to be made manually as of now.

How do I make it so it gives the player the reward (I.e money)?

that’s a completely different topic.
we’d have to create a DataStore to store your money, and keep your money stats somewhere.
This is about as far as I can help without having you do a little bit of research yourself.
but don’t worry, i believe in you. you’ll learn as time goes on.

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Okay, Where should I look to find that?

i believe in you bro

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Okay! I’ll take a look at those two!