How To Make Advanced Health Bar

thank you, this helped and it will save me a lot of time and also it will make the script a lot cleaner

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Sorry for bumping. How about making a Health Bar like this? image

There’s like the character outline while being filled up with colors as the current health.

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Just now I was checking for some health bar UIs in the Toolbox, and found out that the one I picked, had a script executor (I didn’t check it visually but it appeared to be similar to UTG). This serves as a warning for anyone who wishes to do the same.

It’s better off making it on your own.

yea i think u can make it using the UI Transparency

yes true ppl use free models without checking them and this cause in-game problems

How do I make this scale left to right instead of right to left

Also to people who are wondering why this isn’t working, the “background” of the Healthbar you are using must be parented to the “background” your Healthbar is using

i think u need to change the anchor point to (1,1)

Great tutorial, simple and easy to follow. :+1: :+1:

Here’s how it looks

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thank you for the support <3 mate

a question. how did you get the health bar numbers?


Create a text label inside the HealthBar frame.


Set the text label properties.

After that, go to the local script and paste this line inside the UpdateHealthbar() function.

HealthLabel.Text	=	math.floor(Humanoid.Health).. '/' ..Humanoid.MaxHealth
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