How to make api's

I made a post talking about what are API’s but I don’t know how to make them can somebody help?


I don’t know how to make an API, but I’m pretty sure you use a ModuleScript to make one?

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you could basically make libraries, single interfaces and single classes by using module scripts and metatables, but you just have to keep most of your code Flexible, Universal and Scalable if your releasing it to others for use.

do you think this would help? Localizing with Scripting | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

localization just helps you keep things local to the players country/region (like language translation for example) I believe, but I don’t think its relevant in this case.

i’m new to scripting so i don’t really understand all this can you give me a article to look at?

Utilizing APIs and making APIs are two VERY different things. Why do you want to make an API? What do you want to make it for?

i heard you could make one for discord like with a bot

there isn’t really any full blown tutorials on how to make your own library/classes in roblox lua.
I would recommend looking at some of these concepts.

EDIT: if your new to scripting then you’ll probably want to start on something more basic, and I think you mean your wanting to USE the roblox API not make an API for roblox.
you can use roblox API as an interface to influence certain events.

–community made

–roblox reference

If you mean using discord webhooks, you don’t need to make an API for it. You can simply use HTTPService to signal the webhook. If you mean actual boys, you shouldn’t be using Roblox for not hosting anyways.

Hay, this might be off-topic, but just wanted to link an article that was published just today if you’re interested explaining metatables.