How to make Arc Handles with script

Hello there! I want to make circles like circles when you rotate something that includes only cylinders with the script.

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Do you mean like these? ArcHandles

You’ll need to have a basic knowledge of how to script and at least try to do it yourself. As the rules for the scripting support forum state, you can’t just ask someone to script it for you.

Does they need to turn off and on, or stay on all the time?

I need just how to get correct rotation and position. I saw examples only with blocks, but to make a circle with blocks takes more than a hundred parts.

Yes, but if you script the ArcHandles in a Part they should come up aligned to that Part.
Are you trying to do it with a Model? If so then make the PrimaryPart of the model at the center of the model, aligned with the axes you want the ArcHandles to show up on.

I mean I want to make a model of ArcHandles and using a script it will be perfect.

Oh, then use the original Archimedes Plugin by Scriptos.