How to make attached bricks/meshes like this

Greeting Developers!

Today I was trying to make black thunder like this but wasn’t able to get that smoothness connectivity between those meshes.
I just want them to connect smoothly like that in the image. Help will be apricated.


Are you trying to make a lightning effect in general? If so try using this module, I’ve been using it recently and it has worked wonders.

Yes,thats what im trying to achieve thank you so much,im gonna check that out.

I tried it but,like it only works client side,is there any way to work it server side.

You should never do VFX on server unless absolutely needed. If you do something like this on server it will cause un-needed lag and won’t look as good.

I will actually need it becuase im making a combat system which will also be visible to the player too.
Dont worry wont lag,becuase the skill will be rare.But still its kind absolutely needed.

Yes, I specialize in combat stuff myself. The point still stands. To easily do all effects on client just make a module that holds all the effects and a local script that activates them. Use :FireAllClients on server side to visualize the effects for all the players.

Oh .im sooooooooooo dumb ,i tottaly forgot about that. :laughing: