How to make? class system

Listen, can I just supplement it, I supplemented 15 classes yesterday, where can I write it here?

I can write here after D class

Yes, you can put an elseif, but it’s better to parse the classes by string.

Help fix this script Aura Classes

local alertClients = game.ReplicatedStorage.ServerMessage

local abbrev = game.ReplicatedStorage.AbbrevText


	local currentClass = player.Class.Value:gsub('-', '')
	local currentClass = player.Class.Value:gsub('-', '')
	local nextClassReq
	local nextClass
	local prev
	local classes = {

		-- AURA STUFF --
		for i, v in pairs(player.Character:GetChildren()) do
			if v:IsA("BasePart") then
				for idx, value in pairs(v:GetChildren()) do
					if value:IsA("ParticleEmitter") or value:IsA("Attachment") and value:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("ParticleEmitter") then
		-- ADD NEW AURA --
		local aura = game.ServerStorage.Powers.Auras[currentClass.."Aura"]:Clone()
		aura.Parent = player.Character
		for i, v in pairs(aura:GetChildren()) do
			v.Parent = player.Character[v.Name]

I buy a class, but the aura is not given

How is the Aura set up? Is it a model?

This is a part that is located in the serverStore and in the power folder and in the AURAS folder

What is that part called? Is it the name of the torso?


I did on it but I didn’t write half of it because I don’t have it

Have you looked? A video thatI sent you

I see. Did you change the name of the particles in the Aura?

Yes, everything is like in his video

You can also add when you napped the last class and wrote max at the end

And so I would still like to fix this aura problem, and I would like to add so that when the player bought the last class, he had it written Max like the last class he bought!

and although I bought the last class from me for some reason does not write here

yes, I know that you are tired of me, but you are 1 who can help me at the moment you are the only one who is capable of this, the rest will not be able to handle it

please help me to make today the last day just

Sorry, but can you help with the aura?

I’m confused, what does the aura do?

The aura does not give anything after the purchase and when you come in with this class too