How to make cutscene camera

how to make this kind of camera cutscene , i want to learn that

You will need to animate the rigs & camera with moon animator, Then when you export the animation there will be a seperate folder for the camera frames.

After that you can follow this tutorial for the code;


how to make the camera dont alway show in same position.

In moon animator, Or coding?


I want it in Coding and what the diffrence in moon animator or coding?

Moon animator is what you use to actually setup the camera motion and positioning, The coding is where you actually make the camera move and stuff.

i want to set the position to look at the character

i made the animation and the camera on a rig , then when i use it ingame it just showing the rig and i want the camera to show character instead on a rig

You will have to set up the camera settings correctly.
(I will stop responding to this thread, But take a look at this)