How to make GIFS and VIDEOS on Roblox {FULL TUTORIAL}

You’re basically saying:

Time > Quality

Yeah, if you can’t be patient, then development isn’t for you.


Nice, however the one image method is probably more convenient for most

I’ve been developing for over 5 years and have plenty of patience. I can be a patient person and still find uploading each individual frame of a GIF to be tedious.

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this is the only actual way to make long GIFS or Videos on roblox.

Wouldn’t using slicing AND multi-frames be more efficient? like, if you have a 360p gif, you could fit 9 frames into each uploaded slice, cutting down upload time by 9 times as much as your method uses. I feel like it depends on the resolution of the gif/video you’re aiming for. If you want full quality 1080p video, then individual frames is fine, but if you have a lower resolution image to begin with, then slicing is the way to go.

edit: if anyone wants me to make a script that can load slice+multi upload lmk, i’ll add it to the thread ItzDaSniperz linked