How to make Gui Shine effect?

Hi Developers!

i am trying to make Gui Shine effect like

Shop gui in this game

Stats indicators in this game

My made verison is not good its simple tweening with frames.


Hi, your question needs to be more specific. Please leave screenshot and pin point what you desire, only then will we have context to help you out.

Here a topic about 4 UIGradient Animations (Including Rainbow!)

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To answer your question about the Tapping Legends button effect. You can always use a GUI gradient and paste this code into a local script. Just make sure you make a variable for the gradient. You can also make it slower or faster by changing the wait values or the +1 to anything.

while true do
Gradient.Rotation = Gradient.Rotation +1
until Gradient.Rotation >= 360
Gradient.Rotation = 0