How to make irregularly-shaped region detection?

  1. What do you want to achieve?

I’m making an RPG with a large map that’s made mostly of smooth terrain. I’d like terrain color, lighting, music, etc. to change depending on your location in the map.

  1. What is the issue?

Region3, the datatype that is usually used for stuff like this, only creates “rectangular prisms.” My regions are shaped naturally with the use of multiple external natural generation tools, and so I need to detect regions accurately while also conforming to the natural shapes of the regions.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?

I have considered using Region3 to make rough and inaccurate boxes that capture the general shape of the areas through overlapping boxes (kind of like this, I suppose). This seems like a bit of a sloppy solution, so I’m checking here just in case there’s a more elegant way of accomplishing this that I’m not aware of.

Have you looked at ZonePlus?

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Well right off the bat this looks exactly like what I might need. I’ll give this a try. Thanks!